What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond Painting is a manual activity which consists in creating magnificent relief paintings by pasting small colored diamonds on a self-adhesive canvas. In other words, to create an array of diamond painting, all you need to do is lay small diamonds on a canvas, all while following the colors and pattern drawn on it.

Indeed, the support on which you are going to create your work is printed with a pattern to be reproduced in a grid, with the colors of diamonds to be placed on the adhesive surface.

Both cheap and fun, diamond painting is a creative activity popular with everyone!

In terms of patterns, there is something for everyone. You will find many diamond painting designs: animals, landscapes, cities and even Disney diamond painting! There are also many reproductions of famous works of art, such as paintings by Van Gogh or Klimt, in short enough to satisfy all boys and girls of all ages!

The diamond painting technique is relatively easy, it is above all your patience that will be tested with these diamonds paintings to stick! A bit like a puzzle, you will be able to create an original work to hang on the wall by sticking the diamond of different colors on the space provided for this purpose.

This is an activity for all ages and all levels, as you can start with small paintings and work your way up to large paintings to make beautiful pieces 50 cm long or more!

How to make diamond painting?
Summary of the steps:

Peel off a small part of the protective film from the canvas, to reveal the pre-glued part
Check the color to apply to your pattern and open the corresponding diamond bag
The small piece of pink rubber is used to create a slightly sticky surface at the end of your stylus to more easily hang the diamond
Place the small diamond on the adhesive part
Tip: Always work on one side of your project and move forward on the canvas as you go.

And There you go ! You can now start diamond painting!

Diamond Painting: How to choose between round and square drills?

Square and round diamond shape, what's the difference?

When choosing between a square or round diamond shape, it is important to know that there are no right answers. As with so many things in life, this is more or less a subjective preference! Your goal should be to choose the shape that you personally find the most beautiful for you.

In diamond painting, a "drill" simply refers to the shape of each diamond that you are going to apply on your canvas. If that's confusing, replace "drill" in your head with the word "diamond". Thus, square drill means square diamond and round drill means round diamond.

Round diamonds for simplicity

Round diamonds are generally preferred by beginners because they are easier to pick up and place on the canvas with the applicator pen. It’s easy and quite a bit of fun. Round diamonds are known to have a more sparkling appearance, especially on larger paintings. Round diamonds just seem to stick better to the applicator pen. This makes the transition smoother and the work faster.

Square diamonds for large canvases

Square diamonds look a bit 'sharper' than round diamonds. The reason is simple, because they align more easily and create a more "full" mosaic when viewed from afar. They fit together very well and do not cause gaps. They are particularly preferred for creating large canvases. Another feature that people seem to really appreciate about square diamonds is the “slammed” sound. This is issued when you are about to complete and fill in the gaps. In addition, the sound is very satisfactory. Finally, square diamonds are easier and faster to pick up and apply. A statistical study has been carried out to find out which type of diamonds is most appreciated by people doing diamond painting and it turns out that the overwhelming majority prefer the square to the round, 383 versus 87.