**Due to Chinese New Year, fulfillment may be delayed 1-2 weeks. Orders placed after 2/1 will be shipped out in the order in which they're received beginning 2/19.  Please allow 4-6 weeks total for delivery. We're so sorry for the inconvenience.**Happy (Chinese) New Year! An Important Announcement From Paint With Diamonds

Hello Made with Diamonds friends,

We would like to inform our dear customers about the Chinese New Year festivities.

As every year, the Chinese New Year festivities are held in China.

Although our crafters are mostly located in Japan, some are also located in China and dispatch packages from China to be delivered to your home.

So, throughout the duration of the Chinese New Year festivities, logistics services located in East Asia will be almost unavailable due to holidays since they are somehow all transiting through China. Thus, you might expect a delay during this period of festivities. It will last about a week and a half. 

If you're in a hurry and want to receive your order quickly we recommend you to order from a local Diamond Painting company having a real stock in your country. Be careful, many websites are not local companies and dispatch their products from China. You can notice that since their shipping time is taking 20-30 business days and even more. Our products are dispatched from China but they're made in Japan, where the quality is better. We're also providing you premium support by delivering your orders in 15-25 business days. We're storing our products in China to avoid a higher cost by providing you the best price.

Chinese New Year does not mean only bad news but also very good news.

That is why during this limited period, we can also apply -50% on all our products thanks to our partnerships.

Use the code "DELIVERY" to get -10% on your order, this code cannot be combined with other offers.

We wish to our dear customers a Happy Chinese New Year!